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Lamp for caving and cave diving


light and compact

With only 431g, the DeepCave is a lightweight. At the same time, it is extremely robust and allows depths of up to 250m. Tested under the toughest conditions in caving.

efficient and luminous

The high efficiency of over 100lm/W allows runtimes of up to 50h with a 35Wh battery pack. A 7° spot in combination with a 75° flood provide optimal illumination in all situations.

simple and reliable

With two piezo switches integrated into the housing, spot and flood can be operated independently of each other in four steps each. In addition, two status LEDs and a battery indicator are installed.



  • Status leds and battery indicator

    Each of the two main LEDs has its own two-color status led. Four individual LEDs indicate battery voltage and allow a estimation of remaining burn time. The circuit’s quiescent current is <0.02mA, allowing standby times of over one year.

  • Piezo pushbutton

    Two piezo switches integrated in the housing allow a slim design without exposed components. They are free of breakthroughs and therefore do not require an additional sealing surface. They are actuated by simple finger pressure and function regardless of depth. For uncomplicated operation, each of the two main LEDs has its own pushbutton.

  • Optimized housings

    The lamphead and battery compartment housings are made of high-strength AW AL7075. The use of FEM in the design allows for minimal weight while optimizing the use of material properties. The lens is made of tempered borosilicate glass and has a thickness of 4mm. Diving depths far beyond 250m are possible upon request.

  • Regulated brightness

    A regulation of voltage and current allows a constant brightness independent of the battery level. In addition, the temperature is also monitored by a microprocessor.

  • Bivouac LED and Red/UV light

    For extended caving, the DeepCave has a glare-free bivouac light with a runtime of 300h. A red light is also installed as standard. Alternatively, the DeepCave is also available with a 30mW UV-A LED with 285nm. The additional LEDs are optically coupled to the disk for higher efficiency.

  • Tool-free battery change

    Due to the high efficiency, a downsized battery with only three 18650 single cells can be used. This allows run times between 2h and 50h. The battery can be changed without tools, and operation is also possible with only one single cell.

Technical data

Material Lampenkopf

Al AW 7075, titangrau eloxiert


gehärtetes Borosilikat-Glas

Eingangsspannung Lampenkopf

2,6 – 20 V, Verpolungs-, und Tiefenentladeschutz


aufgefräste Piezotaster, entprellt


2 – 50 h bei geregelter Helligkeit

Material Akkufach

Al AW 7075, titangrau eloxiert

Material Akkudeckel


Kapazität Akkufach

35 Wh, 3,7 V


3 x 18650 geschützte Einzelzellen

O-Ringe Akkufach

2 x 48x3 NBR 70 Shore A

Gewicht Akku

155 g Leergewicht, 311 g inkl. Zellen

Gewicht Lampenkopf

120 g mit Kabel

Abmessungen Lampenkopf

85 x 35 x 30 mm³ B x H x T

Abmessungen Akkufach

84 x 104 x 35 mm³ B x H x T


250 m, mehr auf Anfrage


-10 °C – 40 °C


2 x Cree XP-L HI (5500 K, 1300 lm ab Chip), Spot 7° und Flood 75° mit je 1000 lm (reale Messwerte Ulbrichtkugel), 1x blendfreies Biwaklicht (5000 K, 20 lm), 1x Rotlicht (700 nm, 100 mW) oder alternativ 1x UV (265 nm, 30 mW)


8-Bit 32 MHz, Batteriespannungsanzeige mit 4 LEDs,
Spannung, Strom und Temperatur geregelt, < 10 µA Ruhestrom


Lampenkopf und Akkufach, Kabel 34 cm beidseitig montiert, Haltebügel und Befestigungsmaterial für Helmmontage, 3 x geschützte Einzelzellen, Anleitung, Ersatz O-Ringe Akkufach